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Secrets of Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered to be the best option to develop fruitful, symbiotic relationships with your targeted audience. It helps to enhance profits and drive conversations toward conversions. As you come up with an effective email marketing strategy, you will find an increase in the bottom line of your business, which is why it is so crucial to know how to do email marketing right.

Aspects to consider

For our email marketing action to be effective, we must consider the importance that the people to whom we are going to send the information are interested in receiving it. In this sense, we must know what are those people who agree to receive this type of information, that is, the so-called newsletters, through email. When information is sent without the consent of the recipients we are generating what is known as spam. This can pose problems for the company related to the image and reputation, since the recipient will feel rejection for receiving information that is not of interest and, more importantly, that he has not authorized to be sent.

To get the client’s consent, we must offer added value, which differentiates our company from all others that may be struggling for the same purpose. Therefore, we must generate information that is of interest to the recipient, in order to gain their attention. When the person perceives the information as something that gives him knowledge, resolves doubts, finds it entertaining or simply his curiosity is satisfied, something similar to a client-company relationship is generated. We must not forget the importance of email marketing as a tool in an online marketing plan.

Mail relay

This online tool is completely free with some restrictions and does not contain advertising. In its free version allows a maximum of 15,000 shipments per month to a number of 3,000 different subscribers. One of the advantages of this page is that it allows contact with technical support through mail, chat and telephone in case there is any doubt or if there is any problem with the service they offer. Another advantage of Mail relay as a tool to carry out email marketing is its intuitive HTML editor with which to modify the appearance of the page without advanced programming knowledge.

The main functions offered are from scheduled shipments, auto res ponders to send an email to those who give their consent to receive newsletters, the possibility of downloading their app, automatic control of emails that are bounced and manage the accounts that are written off.

Mail Chimp

Another option we can use to carry out email marketing is Mail Chimp. In its free version it allows us to send a maximum of 12000 mails to 2000 subscribers in a month. Its interface is elegant, allows simple navigation and has good accessibility to the services offered by the tool. The advantage offered by this page is to create our own mailing list. We must design our subscription form and add it to our website so that users can enter their shipping information. The drawback is that in its free version it does not allow you to track people who subscribe to the mailing list. It also does not give us the option to generate automatic messages that are sent automatically when a person subscribes.

On the contrary, the payment option does allow the actions named above to be carried out.


It is one of the programs that has more years in the email marketing market. As Mail Relay offered, it gives us the possibility of being able to contact a personalized customer service to answer any questions. It also has an auto res ponder for those who have just authorized the sending of mails. Weber allows a considerably high shipping rate. The shipping ratio is the amount of mail we send and that recipients receive in their inbox. This is important due to the fact that some of the emails sent end up in the spam folder. On the other hand, this tool also allows to visualize the statistics to know the success of the campaigns carried out. It offers the possibility to try the tool for free for 30 days and then pay $ 19 per month.


Finally, another tool to execute our email marketing is Doppler. This tool allows us to build a database by importing our customers’ data quickly and easily, in addition to filtering it by segments. On the other hand, it allows to edit the visual design of the tool in a very simple and intuitive way to adapt it to our taste, which is appreciated. It allows you to view the reports on the emails sent to know the results. In its free version, it offers the possibility of sending 500 mails, making it a good option for small businesses they are starting. The payment option allows you to send a certain amount of mails based on the monthly payment paid. You can also pay for individual shipments that vary depending on the quality contracted.