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Creating A Logo For A Small Business

Your small business needs quality and effective advertising, no less than famous corporations. Therefore, small business owners and points of sale consider that creating a logo is a very serious task. They understand that the brand will increase recognition, add value to the company in the eyes of customers, increase the number of customers and, consequently, profits. But how to create a logo for a small business correctly? How to design it well? Next, we try to resolve this question.

What is a logo and why it is important for small businesses

The logo is an image, a corporate sign of a company or registered trademark that is associated exclusively with a brand. To create it, you can use a symbiosis of letters, words and images that have a certain sense and an easily discernible meaning.

When starting your own business in conditions of greater competition, it is important to identify your product or service. This will allow you to:

  • Create an effective advertising campaign.
  • Increase profits through the growth of potential customers, moving towards the real section.
  • Organize an internal marketing team.

The answer to the question “How to make a logo for a small business?” It should be included in the 10 priority tasks of any boss. Creating a unique, easy to remember and interesting brand will help you stand out among your competitors.

For the logo to fully fulfill its tasks, it must be:

  • Simple, so that even after taking a look at an image, an associative row is built in the brain of the potential client;
  • Universal, which will facilitate changes without losing contact with the original sources;
  • Correspond with the business theme, allowing customers to immediately understand what the company is doing.


How much money a small business can spend on creating a logo

Thanks to a series of recent studies by “Log aster”, it was revealed how much small businesses are willing to pay to create a brand. Around 1117 respondents participated in the survey. They were representatives of small businesses and people who were simply creating their own business. The following data were obtained:

  • 27% are willing to pay less than $ 30.
  • 25% agree to pay around $ 31-100.
  • 21% – $ 100-500.
  • 4% will not regret paying 500 to 1000 $.
  • 5% will pay more than $ 1000.

In addition, 18% of respondents are not willing to pay a dollar, and decide to do everything on their own. This logo for small businesses can be drawn independently or you can use online services, among which “Log aster” stands out.

Types of logos

The variety of logos is so large that it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to understand this problem. To simplify and systematize all available information, the American journalist Hilda Morons has developed a logo classification. There are 7 types of brands:

1. Words

These logos reflect the brand with precision and clarity. They are excellent for companies with a spacious, memorable and short name. For example, the Disney logo, SONY, Coca-Cola, Facebook are excellent options.

2. Abbreviations

If the names are long enough, hard to remember and build a quick associative series, then it is better to use capital letters: BMW (Escherichia Motormen Were), NFL (National Football League), and HP (Hewlett-Packard).

3. Commemorative signs, symbols

They are more suitable for large companies with a long history. In a small business, they can be misunderstood by buyers. Some examples are the blue bird that sings (Twitter), the bitten apple (APPLE), the green Android robot. They are so popular and famous that the user understands at a glance the logo of the company that is in front of him.

4. Characters from fairy tales, talismans

They are quite common logos with their own “traps”. The image is memorable. The main thing is to choose it according to the associative series that lead to your company. The successful logos are the Matron cat, Mr. Proper, Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC.

5. Abstraction

It is a good option for companies that are in a business field that is hard to imagine using standard characters and images. This category often includes abstract geometric shapes. For example, the most famous are the Google Chrome unit, the tricolor circle of Pepsi. The silhouettes chosen for such a logo should not directly indicate the field of activity of the company. They are suitable to enter the international market.

6. The combination of text and graphic elements

This is the most common option that most companies choose. Often, such logos go a long way of transformation, during which they lose or acquire individual elements. For example, NIKE, whose name is connected to the legendary “brand”, or Adidas, which stands out as a striking example, where the three stripes of different sizes are added to the inscription.

7. Emblems

The best form are stamps, emblems, symbols, within which words, letters and abbreviations can be placed. It is a very controversial logo, since its creation requires a clear drawing of all the elements and a high degree of detail. But there are very good options in this niche: Starbucks, Harley-Davidson.

You can make any logo. The main thing is that the corporate sign obtained reflects the idea of ​​what customers can get in your company.

What is important to consider when creating a logo for a small business

Now it is clear that logo development is a very creative process, but at the same time, a complex and responsible process. To facilitate this, there are tips that will help create a logo for small businesses. They can be obtained on the basis of a series of studies and marketing standards. Consider the most basic of them.

Choose an icon

Any image that you want to be part of your corporate sign must correspond to the field of the company. For example, for a restaurant, the images of cutlery, plates, and a chef’s hat are the most appropriate; for a hairdresser, a silhouette of a person, hairstyles, professional hairdressing tools are excellent decisions.


It is another important detail that directly affects the visual perception and emotions that the logo will evoke. Should:

  • Be readable
  • Correspond to the size of the icon itself.
  • Contain a minimum number of curved lines and complex shapes.


It can be another obstacle in the way of new entrepreneurs. It is important to focus not on your own preferences, but on statistics. After researching more than 100 leading brands in the world, it was discovered that the following tones are chosen more frequently:

  • Blue – 33%
  • Red – 29%
  • Black and white or black – 28%
  • Gold or yellow – 13%

It is worth noting that all shades can be divided into two broad categories: cold and warm. The former are more associated with energy, the latter, with calm, security. When choosing, it is important to focus on the field of your business.

The best tools to create a logo

Well-known design companies that specialize in creating logos and corporate identity of companies offer quite expensive services. For representatives of small businesses that are only developing their business, it is more advisable to use special services. They allow you to create your own logo without even having certain skills to work in graphic editors. The best services are as follows.

1. «Log aster»

It is an online generator that allows you to create a beautiful and memorable brand in a few minutes. Enter the name of the company, which consists of at least 3 characters, and click on the “Create logo ” button. The generator allows you to choose the company field, the desired color scheme, style and font size. In editing mode, it is easy to correct the tone, the location of the main elements and the contours.

The last step to get your own logo is to make a simple registration on the site and download the finished product.

2. Cool Text

It is a good option if you want to create a text logo. The catalog contains about 100 sources and ways to design the name of a company. The generator allows you to create a logo in a few minutes and receive it in a comfortable digital format. You will have to pay $ 60 to download the printable version, for the Internet version, $ 30.

3. Logo Maker

It is a bit similar to the previous site. To start, you must select a category, an object from the catalog and write the text in the editor. It does not require certain skills, but the basis of possible headings is quite limited. The advantage is that you don’t have to pay for the Internet version. However, you will have to pay $ 49 for the printable version.


Creating a logo does not mean creating an artistic masterpiece. There are certain rules and requirements. Follow them and you will get a great logo that fully fits your company, the interests of the customers and the one that captures their attention. The main thing is to determine the objective and priorities.